10 Ways To BEAT THE SUMMER HEAT With These Healthy & Useful Summer Tips

10 Ways To BEAT THE SUMMER HEAT With These Healthy & Useful Summer Tips

Summers will be striking out soon and soon will the summer vacation start.

We all wait for these vacations, so we can plan a fun trip to our favorite summer destination. But if you are not planning a vacation this summer to beat the heat, here are 10 easy ways you can still enjoy the sizzling temperature and stay cool.


  • Stay Hydrated –  

Drinking lots of water is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of summers. As we sweat a lot this season, our body cells loose water quickly due to which our moisture level goes down and also make us feel dehydrated. It is also a good way to flush out the toxins.


  • Choose Natural Fabrics –

Wear light pastel color cotton and linens which will soak the sweat easily and allow your body to breathe.



  1. Go Light on your tummy –

In summers our digestion tends to become weak. So avoid oily, processed food and opt for high fiber, fresh food. More of a liquid diet is a good comfortable option in summers.

  1. Cover Up In Style –

With those breezy cotton dresses, do not forget to swank those cute scarfs, beautiful hats and your favorite sunglasses as you step out.

  1. Keep your skin cool –

Freshen up with peppermint tea mist. “Brew a pot of peppermint tea and put it in the fridge. Once nice and cold, pour it into a spray bottle and keep misting the heat away.”  The tingly effect due to the menthol in the tea will keep you cool. Fresh aloe Vera gel is also a cool idea.


  1. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables –

The idea behind each fruit and vegetable having its own season to grow and eat is the requirement of those particular minerals and vitamins in our body. Mangoes, lychee, watermelon, cucumber etc. has high water content which helps us to stay healthy.

  1. Don’t forget the sunscreen

A good coating of sunscreen with SPF 30 or more is a must. Apply 15 minutes prior to stepping out as this helps from lots of skin rashes, allergies and redness developed from harsh UV rays.


  1. Easy workout routines –

Avoid intense fitness extremes. Plan an early morning or a late evening exercise. Excessive Sweating is a bad idea in summers due to which there is loss of water and salt from the body. Rather opt for a leisurely swim which will help you shed those extra kilos away with keeping the body cool.


  1. Infuse water –

Drinking water is boring? Infuse the water with your favorite fresh fruits like mint, citrus, ripe fruits and making it yum and refreshing.

  1. Take a cool shower –

Summers can be fun for all the water lovers as taking a shower twice or thrice after a hot day will bring down the body temperature and get you rid of that sweat. They often make you feel fresh, happy and energized.

Summers can also be fun and exciting like the other seasons. Though it’s not favorite of many of them but it still has lots to offer even if not on a vacation.

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