What Should Be The Right Strategies For Your Business On Social Media?

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What Should Be The Right Strategies For Your Business On Social Media?


 Social Media Is A Bullet Train Which Will Not Going To Be Slow Down Any Time Soon. Every Business Is Now Getting Involved With Social Media. 2 Billion People Are Currently Active On Social Media And By 2019 It Is Expected To Be 2.77 Billion People And 64% Of People Use Social Media For Purchasing Decision. However, 85% Of Marketers Participating In Social Media Still Aren’t Really Sure What Strategies And Tools Are The Best To Use.


Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snap chat, YouTube Are Some Of The Hitter Social Media Platforms For Now. In Order To Stand Out From The Crowd, Your Business Need To Have A Solid Social Media Strategy.


Here, We’re Going To Break Down The Steps To Help You Get Started With The Solid Social Media Marketing Strategies-


  1. Identify Business Goals-

Social Media Strategy Will Work According To The Goals You Set. Look Closely To Your Company’s Overall Performance And Needs And Then Decide How Social Media Will Contribute To Attain Them.

Your Company’s Goal Can Be Brand Awareness, Brand Identity, Strong Customers Base, Sales Etc.

Having Too Many Goals Distracts You And You’ll End Up Achieving None.


  1. Set Social Media Goals-

Now Align Your Business Goals With Social Media Goals.

-Increase brand awareness

-Drive Traffic To Your Page

– Higher Quality Sale

– Lead Generation

– Improve ROI

– Get Likes, Share, Comment



  1. Research Your Social Media Audience-

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Understanding Your Audience And Targeting Them Is The Biggest Challenge And Targeting Them At The Right Channel Is The Foremost step. Avoid Wasting Your Time In The Wrong Place. Target Your Audience By Keeping Your Product In Mind.

Social Media Marketing Channels Can Be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube Etc.


  1. Analyze Competition-

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When It Comes To Social Media Marketing, Research And Analyze Your Competitors And Their Marketing Strategies Like Content, No. Of Followers, Posting Frequency, Total No. Of Engagement Activities Which Includes Like, Comment, Share, Retweet Etc.


  1. Content On Your Social Media Channel-

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Content Is The King  And This Is Pretty True. Content Should Be Fresh, Related And Interesting That Can Engage Your Audience.


  1. Content Strategy

Content And Social Media Have A Symbiotic Relationship With Each Other, Use Them Together To Get Reach And Frequency.

Content Strategy Should Be- Type Of Content, Time Of Posting And Frequency Of Posting.


  1. Engage With Your Audience-

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One of the most challenging part In Social Media Marketing Is Engaging With Audience And Make Them To Visit Your Page Again & Again. Many Of Small And Medium Businesses Using Social Media For Marketing And It’s Hard To Stand Out And Capture Your Audience’s Attention. Here are Some ways Through Which You Can engage your audience and gets them excited about following you

–   Contests

–   Live Que & Ans Session

–   Events

–   Videos

–   Share Other Valuable Content With Your Audience

–   Increase Your Posting Frequency

–   Use Trending Hashtags

–   Use Images,GIFs And Memes

–   Live Chat


  1. Analyze And Improve-

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Analyze Your Performance With Analytic Tools, Such As Google Analytics, Hoot-suite, Crowd booster Etc. These Tools Can Track Customer Leads, Conversion Rate, Traffic On Your Platform, Like, Share, Comment on Your Post Etc And Improve Your Performance For The Next Campaign.


Now Its Your Turn, As Time Passes You May Discover That Some Strategies Are Not Working As You Thought They Would, So Always Try To Discover New Changes And To Overall Strategies According To Your Requirements.


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